Pre-formulation & Formulation

Pre-formulation & Formulation: a Full Set of Attractive Proposals

Preformulation and formulation development, from Generics to Biotech and Highly Potents: a full set of attractive proposals.

Whatever you need, from stand alone services to full development program, Bertin Pharma can provide tailored-made solutions.


  • Our Solutions
  • Dry Formulations (oral route)
  • Liquid & Semi-Solid Formulations (oral and topical route)
  • Formulations for the Parenteral Route
  • Modified Release Tablets
  • Selection of Appropriate Sterilization Methods
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Our Solutions

  • finished dosage forms development
  • optimization of existing formulations
  • life Cycle Management
  • generic & Generic Plus development

All conventional dosage forms can be developed at Bertin Pharma, manufactured & packed for use in clinical trials.

Dry Formulations (oral route)

  • blending
  • compression
  • tablets (mono/multi-layers, plain or coated)
  • capsules
  • multi-particle systems (powder, pellets, granules, micro-tablets)
  • implants
  • soft & liquid filled capsules

Liquid & Semi-Solid Formulations (oral and topical route)

  • aqueous and non aqueous solutions
  • aqueous and non aqueous suspensions
  • gels, emulsions, micro-emulsions
  • ointments
  • syrups
  • micro/nano-emulsions
  • semi-solids such as creams, gels, ointments

Formulations for the Parenteral Route

  • aqueous and non aqueous solutions/emulsions
  • dry solids
  • suspensions
  • polymeric Sustained Release Systems
  • sachets of powder, semi-solids or liquids
  • injectable

Modified Release Tablets

  • delayed
  • sustained
  • bimodal
  • gastro-resistant

Selection of Appropriate Sterilization Methods

  • terminal sterilization
  • sterilization of drug & solvent separately & combination of two aseptically
  • sterile filtering & aseptic Filling

Our experts are trained on a wide range of dosage forms with small to medium-size manufacturing equipment from 2 kg/5 liters up to 120 kg/50 liters.

Development and manufacturing reports are generated to fill-in the IMPD or the CTD.

For the specific needs of double-blind clinical trials, Bertin Pharma can develop a placebo matching the study drug product or an over-encapsulated solid dosage form.