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As a comprehensive solution provider, we offer our expertise in Contract Studies (CRO) & Bioreagent Tools.

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Thanks to our global R&D solutions offer and our personalised project follow up, we help our clients to successfully innovate and develop products or services.

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For each mission you will have a dedicated single project manager with a personalised follow up. Call or e-mail us for any question or mission, and we’ll get back to you!

Research solutions
Needing Non-clinical or Clinical studies, Pharmaceutical Development & Cinical supplies, Biomarker Assessment in fields such as Pharma/Biotechs, Cosmetics, Nutraceutics or in Biotechnologies? As a comprehensive global provider, Bertin Pharma will soon become your new…

  • Drug Discovery & Translational Research
  • Non Clinical Studies
  • Drug Analysis & Bioanalysis
  • Biosafety
  • Clinical Studies
  • Biocidal & Biodecontamination
Pipeline products for out-licensing
By strongly investing in its proprietary R&D, Bertin Pharma’s teams created innovative formulation platforms able to meet the latest market trends and patient’s needs. Sharing the potential of these innovative developments, we offer you a novel range of products ready for…

Looking for products to assess the efficacy or the potential risk of your drugs or new chemical entities? Bertin Pharma Bioreagent provide you with a wide range of the state-of the-art most relevant products in various investigation fields including Inflammation, Oxidative…

  • Cloning & Gene Expression
  • Assays
  • Cell Surface Marker
  • Chemicals
  • Pre-Analytical Products
  • Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Proteins
  • Tag Protein Purification
  • Transfection