Biocidal & Biodecontamination

Biocidal & Biodecontamination

Bertin Pharma offers its Microbiological Safety expertise to evaluate the efficacy against virus, prions and other pathogen agents of detergents, surface disinfectants and equipment or machines involved in the sterilization or the biodecontamination of instruments and medical devices.

Biodefense, Hospital Hygiene, Food Safety and environment are also considered in this service offers.

Methodologies such as qPCR, Western Blot, infectivity assays (cell-based or animal models depend on pathogen agents) are used for this field.

Compatibility between the surfaces of the instruments and the Biodecontamination process is considered .

Focus on TSE & PSP

This notion was particularly considered for Prions (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) agents) , about which Bertin Pharma was heavily involved, both at the level of industrials and of regulatory agencies. For these pathogens, experiments we do comply with the Prion Standard Protocol (PSP)with firstly in vitro steps (first assay against the 263K and an additional assay using other prion strains closer of human risk) and then the in vivo step (263K strain). Prion experiments comply with PSP.

This activity is carried out in partnership with 3 European specialised companies in:

  • standardized tests (NF EN ISO 15883, NF S 98-030, NFT 72281, EN ISO 158883-5, etc..) to qualify the performance of washer-disinfectors, cleaning processes and biocides.
  • experimental and administrative concerns, for the regulatory dossier associated with medical devices.