Immunomonitoring: Our Complete Solution

Bertin Pharma has more than two decades of experience in Immunopharmacology, Immunotoxicology including Immunogenicity and its unwanted side, Immunomonitoring and handling human and animal samples to evidence the efficacy and safety of vaccines, adjuvant and immune therapies.


  • PharmImmune, complete solution for Pharma, Nutraceutic & Cosmetology
  • BSL2/3 facilities & Animal facilities for Immunomonitoring
  • A Custom Service to meet your needs in Immunology and/or Immunomonitoring

PharmImmune, complete solution for Pharma, Nutraceutic & Cosmetology

Bertin Pharma and CEA offers also a joint solution, named since 2012 “PharmImmune”, with a set of competence and equipment dedicated to monitoring the innate & adaptive immune responses in cell cultures or after administration of a drug candidate in animals (non human primates (NHP), mice and other animal species), healthy volunteers or patients.

BSL2/3 facilities & Animal facilities for Immunomonitoring

In other words, knowhow and equipment e.g. 4 flow cytometers and one mass cytometer in FlowCytech facilities to explore all aspects of the immune system in various diseases (infectious diseases, oncology, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, etc.) and to evaluate the efficacy and/or safety of new therapeutic approaches to any type of molecules (NCE, vaccines, adjuvants, therapeutic proteins, gene therapies, etc.).

Bertin Pharma works with human and animal samples with facilities and animal facilitie s including BSL2/BSL3 rooms , located in close proximity and allowing handling of infectious specimens. A cell sorter is also located in BSL3 conditions allowing specific isolation of cell subpopulations.

This immune platform is not only focused on Pharma/Biotechs but also dedicated to explore beneficial and deleterious effects on the immune system of new products in Nutraceutics and Cosmetics.

A Custom Service to meet your needs in Immunology and/or Immunomonitoring

In Pharmimmune platform, we can use all these following assays :

  • specific T lymphocyte response against mitogens, antigens, peptides, vaccines or allergens (proliferative response, ELISpot)
  • antigen presentation assays using human dendritic cells (DC) and monocytes/macrophages
  • primary cultures & cocultures of APC DC &monocytes/macrophages, neutrophils, lymphocytes, …) and assessment of their differentiation, maturation & classical functions
  • flow cytometry for immunophenotyping & intracellular staining including ICS, mass cytometry and cell sorting
  • dosage of cytokines or other cell factors such as histamine, eicosanoids, GSH, etc. (EIA, RIA, multiplexed assays and cell-based assay)
  • mRNA expression by quantitative RT-qPCR
  • microarray protein & gene arrays (multiple cytokine protein array & multiple inflammatory gene array)Natural killer (NK), antibody-dependant cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) & cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) activities
  • neutralisation tests for ADA and viral neutralisation
  • chemotaxis assay
  • apoptosis assay, …