ADME – Human PK & Metabolism

Human PK & Metabolism: Trust our Complete Expertise

Our human pharmacokinetic department provides advice and respond to your needs regarding the whole range of clinical pharmacokinetics aspects. This can be offered either as a stand-alone service or as an integrated offer.

Mastering fast, reliable and collaborative industry-standard software: WinNonlin ®

Our pharmacokinetic scientists, using industry-standard WinNonlin ® software, can provide the following services:

  • input into study design, including allometric scaling
  • non-compartmental pharmacokinetics
  • compartmental pharmacokinetics/simulations
  • ascending dose (assessment of dose proportionality)
  • repeat dose (assessment of multiple dose linearity)
  • bioavailability and bioequivalence
  • drug interaction studies (DDI)
  • special populations
  • pharmacodynamic and PK/PD modeling
  • pharmacokinetic parameters output including a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the data are provided in state-of-the art report

Assaying your samples in our Central Lab

Our Drug analysis/Bioanalysis department acts as a Central Lab to quantify drugs & biologics in various biological media to carry out:

  • blood, plasma & urine kinetics and also, intracellular pharmacokinetics
  • balance of elimination
  • metabolic profile & structural elucidation

This drug analysis, essential for a better understanding of metabolism and PK, often positioned parallel to the quantification of Anti Drug Antibody (ADA) for the question of Immunogenicity and, of biomarkers such as cytokines & CD expression at the surface of various cell populations or subpopulations.