Product Pipeline & Out-licensing

Product Pipeline for Out-licensing


By strongly investing in its proprietary R&D, Bertin Pharma’s teams created innovative formulation platforms able to meet the latest market trends and patient’s needs.

Sharing the potential of these innovative developments, we offer you a novel range of products ready for MA submission through

an out-licensing business partnership.

Drug Life Cycle management & New Product Introduction (NPI)

1/ Respond to market needs

Extend product lifecycle or launching line extension is part of your company daily challenges.

To follow-up with the market trends, you need to be rapidly able to commercialize you products. We can help you transform opportunities into reality.

2/ Focus on Family Medication

What are your customer’s main issues?

Tablets difficult to intake outside the house? Too low duration effects? Or even unpleasant taste?
In fact, these are one of the biggest barriers for completing treatments…

To offer you relevant products that respond to shifts in consumer lifestyles we decided to focus on combining safety of use and comfort, key issues in the area of what is called “family medication”.

3/ New Chemical Entities for OTC or Rx products

Our products pipeline, under constant development, offers NCE for both Rx & OTC products.

4/ Key Therapeutics Areas

We made a great deal of effort in innovating on taste masking developments, easier-to-take without water medicines, or in increasing the duration of a desired effect in the following key therapeutic areas