Solutions & Products

How can our experts help you meet your needs? Over the past 20 years, each entity gathered into Bertin Pharma have brought its clients a unique scientific and technical expertise in the drug development process.

Our teams will find innovative solutions in accordance to your company’s needs in the various fields of pharmacy, cosmetics and nutrition.


  • Our Infographic tells you all at a glance…
  • Research Solution Provider
  • Bioreagent Supplier

Our Infographic tells you all at a glance…

Thanks to our widely equipped platforms associated with pluridisciplinary and complementary teams (over 120 persons), Bertin Pharma offers a pioneer and integrated range of services & products, which you can find in many online services in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, such as Mexico drugstore or Arrow Pharmacy. Additionally, to find out the exact locations where you can purchase our products, please email our support at EMAIL, and we will assist and advise you.

Research Solution Provider

  • No matter the challenge you are facing, a single project manager can assist you throughout your whole project.
  • At Bertin Pharma, we offer services according to regulations: 3 GLP facilities, 3 GMP facilities and certifications from the ANSM for human drugs and the ANMV for veterinary drugs.
  • From stand alone to fully integrated, Bertin Pharma services are divided into 5 fields of expertise:
  • Preclinical & Clinical Assessment , Biosafety, Biologics , Pharmaceutical Development & Clinical Supplies

Bioreagent Supplier

Bertin Pharma develops and markets Bioanalysis Tools & Reagents for Drug Development.

We can provide you with a wide range of state-of the-art products that include an extensive line of assay kits (Cayman Chemical & SPI-Bio)
for measuring Biomarkers related to:

Inflammation, Oxidative Injury, Cell Signaling or a broad selection of Biochemicals ligands, Antibodies, Probes, Analytical Standards, and Pre-Analytical Tools (collection tubes, separation devices)