Snapshot PK

Snapshot PK within a week: Speed up your Development!

Bertin Pharma is offering you an Efficient decision-making tool for saving time & expenditure in your Drug Development process.

A Snapshot Pharmacokinetic Approach

Snapshot PK is described in literature as high throughput, fast turn-around time and compliant with ethical committee for animal welfare.


  • Short turn around time

Bertin Pharma will deliver rapid conclusions from the in life rodent pharmacokinetics.

  • Tremendous ROI

Bertin Pharma can test up to 6 compounds within a week in your early steps of drug discovery in plasma or any other tissue with very attractive price per drug candidate !

  • Robust process
    • Sample processing completed manually or with automated equipement
    • Data processing completed with hypernated technologies
    • Straight to the point reporting
  • Long track record

Over 200 drug candidates tested in the last 12 months.

Speed up your Drug Development!