Drug analysis & Bioanalysis

The Combination to Assess your Drug Candidate Efficacy

At Bertin Pharma, biomarkers are the recognized tools for studying the drug response, from efficacy to safety as well as in translational research and in non clinical & clinical phases of development of drug candidates.

Our level of knowledge and experience allows us to assist you in your research for the definition of optimal biomarkers, of the optimal assay associated and for its routinely use during these 3 phases of development of your drug candidate.

In parallel, Bioanalysis is associated with Drug Analysis to connect the modulations of these biological parameters to the concentrations of drug candidates and/or their metabolites, sometimes active such as triphosphate derivatives of nucleosides, in the Human organism. The combined information is therefore of great interest to assess the pharmacological efficacy of drug candidates.

Bertin Pharma offers various solutions using immunoanalysis , chemical analysis as well as molecular biology, sometimes innovative as mass cytometry and cell sorting in BSL3 conditions. Indeed, we also have several BSL3 facilities in which we handle infectious specimens.