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Bertin Pharma, is a European Leading Research Solution Provider & Bioreagent Supplier.

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INNOVATE our everyday challenge

Our long track experience is underpinned bya solid knowledge in sciences, techniques and regulatory affairs, for both small molecules and biologics, acquired for the last 30 years.Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams led by seasoned management, we propose innovative solutions to our customers.

IMAGINE tomorrow healthcare

In order to create a healthier world,we work hard with our panel of expertise and off-the-shelf products.We support all pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food industries.


Our customers have a worlwide scope – from Big & Mid Pharmas, biotechs to public research laboratories – but our deep belief is that the key of success belongs to a human scale. A single project manager coordinates a team of experts dedicated to the success of your project.


We are very active in the R&D sphere: we sit on the board of Directors of the competitiveness cluster Medicen Paris Region, and as Vice-President of the French Association of Innovation and Service Companies for Life Sciences (AFSSI), being one of its co-founders.