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New Pro-Resolving mediators!

New Pro-Resolving mediators!

New Pro-Resolving mediators!
Date : Since Sep 06, 2016
Place : Cayman Chemical Launching

Resolvins, protectins, and lipoxins are emerging as significant components of anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory actions.

Our partner, Cayman Chemical carries a number of these lipid mediators
to aid research into unresolved inflammatory & immunological processes.

More than 35 pro-resolving compounds available:

> Resolvin D1 ELISA Kit - Cat No: 500380
> Resolvin D2 ELISA Kit - Cat No: 501120
> NEW! Resolvin D5 - Cat No: 10007280
> NEW! Resolvin E1 - Cat No: 10007848
> NEW! Maresin 2 - Cat No: 16369

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