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Bertin Pharma Logo website

A click on the logo at the top of the site, in the banner, returns to the site's home page.

Breadcrumb Trail

The breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid that allows you to locate and navigate easily through the site. You can visualize where you are and can always go back. It is located under the main menu at the top left in the form of:
Rubrique > Sous-rubrique > Page en cours... ">Home> Category> Sub-section> Current Page…


The sitemap is accessible from all pages of the site, it is at the bottom of each page. The sitemap includes links to all level pages 1, 2 and 3.

Search Engine

The search engine is accessible from all pages of the site, it is at the top.

The results of the search engine correspond to a "text only" extraction of pages, news and closest to your query documents. The query words are printed bold within sentences for faster spotting.

Avoidance Links

Three links at the top of each page allow you to:

  • go directly to the menu
  • go directly to the content: to get to the title of the page
  • go directly to the search engine


The pages are designed to print pleasantly and without formatting. Navigation elements are thus absent from the print version.

Before printing, you can check the layout in your browser via: File> Print Preview.

However, the older generation browsers do not take into account this background but will restore a clear, readable and structured print.

Consultation of content

Reading Aids of Attached Documents

You will find in the site downloadable documents in PDF format.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe website.

Download Acrobat Reader

Alternative to Javascript Functions

Some behaviors in the pages are obtained using JavaScript code. It has been paid particular attention to keep the content dependent on this javascript code accessible when your navigation device can not interpret these behaviors.

Accessibility of Forms

Form fields are systematically associated with explicit label. This improves accessibility and enables when clicking on a label, to directly position the cursor in the input field associated with it.


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