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Ghrelin EIA Kits

The Unique Assay on the Market

Ghrelin EIA Kits SPI-Bio Bertin Pharma

The unique assays available on the market to measure Acylated & Unacylated Ghrelin whatever the blood collection procedure used!

Those assays are called SPI-Bio Ghrelin Easy Sampling EIA Assays and are additional to our current SPI-Bio Ghrelin Express EIA Assays developed and manufactured by Bertin Pharma.

The Ghrelin Easy Sampling EIA kits allow any scientist to assay Acylated and non-Acylated Ghrelin with very high sensitivity with appropriate protease inhibition allowing various collection procedures.

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Benefits of our Ghrelin Easy Eia kits

  • Used witch any collection procedure
  • Measure acylated or unacylated form of Ghrelin
  • Sensitive
  • Robust & Simple Eia kit
  • Species: human, rat, mouse

Benefits of our Ghrelin Express Eia kits

  • Used witch PHMB,PMSF protein inhibitor
  • Measure acylated or unacylated form of Ghrelin
  • Versatile, can be used as sensitive or rapid
  • Robust & Simple Eia kit
  • Species: human, rat, mouse, pig, dog

A new & promising Peptidyl hormone

Ghrelin EIA Kits SPI-Bio Bertin PharmaGhrelin discovered in 1999, is fast becoming an endocrinology target of the millennium. Ghrelin, identified in rat stomach as an endogenous ligand for the GH secretagogue receptor, is mainly produced in stomach, but has been demonstrated in many other organs.

In addition to GH-releasing properties and its orexant action, ghrelin could act as an hormone having effects on gastric motility (similarity with the peptide hormone motilin), acidic secretion, cardiovascular action, antiproliferative effects, pancreatic and glucose metabolism function, sleep...

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